LatinX Marketing & Creative Development


Leveraging of tech and internal resources to support clients' data management for optimal insights gathering and exploration across all demographics.

LatinX Marketing Consulting

Tailor-made 360◦ plans based on brands' business objectives and marketing goals for sustainable growth

LatinX Execution

Tactical implementation, delivering effective and efficient execution across all consumer touchpoints

LatinX Design

We create from data. Creativity is inspired in deep-rooted LatinX insights that are brought to action.

LatinX Campaign ideation & Concept development

Bringing the LatinX insights to life through innovative and impactful campaigns that connect and engage audiences in an authentic way.

Film & Static production

One stop shop with the highest standards. Efficient production that creates powerful relevant content thanks to profound knowledge of the industry and LatinX insights.

Content & Video Acculturation

Adaptation and transcreation (not translation) of any English language creative that lacks LatinX insights. From a social media video to a recipe, we put insights to action.

Agency of record

360 support at every stage of the creative and media buying process: insights, ideation, concept & execution.

Concept development & execution

Experiences where brands come to life and engage the LatinX consumer in an impactful way

Asset management

Identification of the right strategic partner for activation, leveraging our network of industry experts to secure assets

Content Creation

Leveraging of activation to create effective content for other media outlets, owning the process from start to finish

360 Content Latino Assets Solution

Acculturation of any type of written content, whether it be existing assets in English or creating new in-language content.

Creation, management and administration of a brand's social channels for LatinX audiences.

Increase of organic in-language Search Engine ranking through on-site and off-site SEO, strengthened client goal-oriented strategy and LatinX insights.

Multicultural Media Support

Combining tools, talent and strategy, we support brands on their Multicultural LatinX digital media planning and buying. We provide full support on search, social, programmatic, shopping, video and app promotion.

Provides brands with the widest advertising reach in digital audio platforms in LatinX markets in the US, offering advertisers the ability to combine the precision of audio targeting.

Platform dedicated to increasing sales by combining artificial intelligence and support from expert certified in Amazon advertising.

Our Clients


Why you need us?

MiT integrates professional research teams with Big Data to produce information, analyze it and transform it into strategies for our clients. It also produces, implements and measures content, providing end-to-end support. A complete portfolio for your brand. 100% synergy.

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